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The Month NYC Ran Out of Excuses Not to Learn F#


It's official! I'm totally declaring September 2013 F# Month (in New York City, at least). I mean, here we are -- not seven days into the month yet -- and I've got a veritable cornucopia (note the reference to impending autumn) of events for you to attend.

For starters, on Tuesday 10 September, I'll be in Parsippany, NJ, at the Northern New Jersey .NET Users' Group, for an introduction to F#. Then, a few days later, on Saturday 14 September, it's back to mid-town for Code Camp NYC 2013. This day-long event features several F# talks (one of which will be given by yours truly). Pushing into the following week, on Tuesday 17 September, the inimitable Rachel Reese will present to the NYC F# Users' Group on actor-based concurrency in F# (also in mid-town). Next up: Wednesday 18 September and Thursday 19 September see the return of Skill Matter's Progressive F# Tutorials NYC, in Brooklyn's lovely DUMBO neighborhood. This intense two-day hands-on learning-fest is more than a mere conference. It's chok-full of in-depth education, taught by many of the foremost minds in the F# community (minds like Don Syme, Tomas Petricek, Phil Trelford, and Rick Minerich ... to name but a few). Then, as an added bonus, as if this wasn't enough, Vermont Code Camp 5 happens, on Saturday 21 September, in beautiful Burlington, VT. It's not too far from New York, and features a couple of F# talks (including -- you guessed it -- one of mine). So, that's five events, spread over two weeks, offering more F#-y goodness than you thought possible. Many of these events are free. Most still have tickets available. All of them will be awesome. So, if you've had even a passing interest in F#, you've just run out of excuses. See you there!

(Note: Did I miss something? Leave it in the comments and I'll update this post as necessary. Thanks!)