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Progressive F# Tutorials NYC 2013


So, it's a new blog theme, and it's my first post in nearly a year (hey?! I've been busy). And it's really exciting!


I'm thrilled that the folks at SkillsMatter are bringing the Progressive F# Tutorials back to the Big Apple for 2013. This two-day training is the event to attend if you have any interest what-so-ever in F#. It's not a conference. It's two days of in-depth learning. In fact, last year, my company's sister company sent one of their engineers, who had never worked with F# before, to attend the beginner track. He learned enough in two days that, upon returning to the office, he promptly re-wrote a complex piece of MatLab code into a smaller, faster, less-costly F# solution. What's more, many of the best and brightest minds in the F# community will be on-hand (some guiding. some just soaking up the knowledge). So, if you're anywhere near NYC on 18-19 September, you should attend. The official announcement follows. It contains more details, links, and a discount code. I'll see you there!

On the back of the success of the 2013 edition, the Progressive F# Tutorials return to New York in September - this time packing an even bigger punch! With F# UG lead Rick Minerich at the helm, we've put together a expert filled line-up - featuring Don Syme (creator of F#), Tomas Petricek, and Miguel de Icaza. The Tutorials will be split in two - a beginners track for those eager to unleash F#'s full power, and a 'meaty track' for those more experience f#pers amongst you! Each session will be a 4 hour hands-on deep dive, brushing aside the traditional format of conferences to allow you to truly immerse into the subject topic.

Want to get involved? We're giving a special community 20% discount!

Just go ahead and enter SkillsMatter_Community on the booking form and the team at Skills Matter will look forward to welcoming you to the Progressive F# Tutorials NYC this September!