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Greetings and Salutations!


Welcome! Welcome!

Sure, this might look like any other techno-geek blog; but I hope to prove you wrong.

Please don't click away yet!

This blog will, over the coming weeks, be a chance for me to crystallize all the thoughts swirling about in my head. But -- I promise -- I'll try my best to focus on the somewhat-less-tangible aspects of software engineering. Anyone can dryly detail feature 'x' of technology 'y'. (Indeed, the "blog-o-sphere" is full of these human help-file mimeographs.) Some of the topics I hope to cover in the near future include: embracing polyglot software solutions, why syntax matters, better software through right-brain/left-brain harmony, and probably something about getting it right (enough) the first time. Of course, I'll also likely pepper in a few shorter, more-concrete entries, showcasing tricks one needs in the odd corners of particular languages, or perhaps some novel unions of technology and problem domain.

Be warned! I do a lot of development in the .NET eco-system, so most of my examples will be flavored as such (and I don't make much effort at hiding, or sugar-coating, my opinions). Also, I make no promises as to how frequently new entries will appear. I'm all about quality -- not quantity.

Finally, here's something to ponder:

Nothing simple is ever easy, and nothing free is ever cheap.

Until next time...